In Pictures

The Village Community and the Project Launch Event

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9 Responses to In Pictures

  1. DR CORA CLAUDIO, President, EARTH Institute Asia, Inc., Philippines says:

    This is a great project that we are interested to replicate in the Philippines.

    • Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. Our project is one of three in Tanzania funded by the EU through the Global Climate Change Alliance initiative. This one focuses on dryland semi arid conditions, while the other two are coastal and highlands. We are at a very early stage but hope to make a very big impact over the coming two years. We are very keen to share best practice, and to learn from others around the world. Lets keep in touch.
      Best wishes
      Michael Farrelly –
      ps you can follow us on facebook, or get email updates.

  2. thomas kaniki says:

    I visited Chololo ecovillage, its great project than you can hear from media and website, well done, scale it up.

  3. simon mtaha says:


  4. Bhosa says:

    Hongereni sana kwa kazi yenu mnayoifanya na report nzuri mnazotayarisha. Niwatakie mafanikio tele na kazi njema

    • thomas kaniki says:

      Hongera sana, juhudi na kazi yenu inaonekana pia inasaidia watu katika kujikimu na mabadiliko ya tabia ya nchi. Jitahidini kupanua mradi ili muwafikie na wahanga wengine katika Tanzania.

  5. hamadi mshana says:

    chilolo eco village were the best schemes executed by IRDP incollaborate with EU to let peoples change her/his mind set and adopted new skill and knowledge which make them to adapting for climate change .
    So we were perpendicular to inseminating the better knowledge to other side concerned Chilolo eco-village .

  6. JanetR says:

    Hi there – if I’d like to feature one of the pictures in this photo gallery, how would I credit the photo?

    Thanks for all your good work!

  7. Hi Janet. Sorry this is probably too late, but if not you can credit the photos: Michael Farrelly, Chololo Ecovillage

    Many thanks for your interest

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